PLUS-25 Satisfaction GUARANTE-e™ Service

If a reasonable effort has been made to address your concern and you are still not satisfied with the product or service of a registered PLUS-25™ business, they will offer you an appropriate (generally full) refund. You may choose to accept the refund directly or choose to have 125% of the refund donated to charity via the Dad’s Place Ministries Charitable Fund. You may choose to direct the donation to a specific charity via the electronic form provided on the Dad’s Place web site at If you do not submit such a form within 30 days, it will be directed by the Dad's Place Ministries, Inc. board of directors.

If you have a problem with any PLUS-25™ registered business not honoring their commitment to PLUS-25™ terms and conditions, please send us an e-mail and we will investigate the situation. Neither UNIphant Enterprises LLC nor Dad's Place Ministries, Inc. insures or guarantees that you will receive a refund but we do ensure that businesses not honoring PLUS-25™ commitments will be quickly removed from our approved list.  They forfeit all application fees and rights under the PLUS-25™ program. They may no longer display the PLUS-25™ seal.

This service is administered by UNIphant Enterprises LLC but all payments and application fees are donated to the Dad's Place Ministries Charitable Fund.

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Are you a customer interested directing a payment from a PLUS-25™ business? YES, I wish to select a charity.

The following companies are registered PLUS-25™ businesses. Please feel that you can buy from these companies with confidence.

UNIphant Enterprises LLC (Registered & In Good Standing)

The ICHTHUS projecT™ (Registered & In Good Standing)

ChristLIVES!™ Newsletter (Registered & In Good Standing)

OhMyWord!™ Inspirational & Motivational Word Art (Registered & In Good Standing)

Fleet Brats™ (Registered & In Good Standing)

Dad's Place (Registered & In Good Standing)

The following businesses have been REMOVED from the program and should not be displaying the PLUS-25™ seal:

(no businesses have been removed at this time)