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Our Mission

UNIphant Enterprises LLC delivers innovative, affordable solutions for small businesses and non-profit organizations to exploit the potential of the Internet.

Our Products and Services


Would you like to conduct business online without even touching your computer?  Would you like to get started selling on the Internet with ZERO startup costs?  We can do this and much more.  We offer a wide variety of services to help small businesses and non-profit organizations be successful in using the Internet, including services for creating effective web sites affordably, for maintaining web sites, for selling products and services on the Internet, for naming and branding your organization or product, for creating branded electronic mail systems, for making your web site known, for assessing existing web sites, for assessing online shopping quality, for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, for accepting donations online, for assessing existing online evangelism efforts, for cost effective research of information online, and more.   < Click Here to learn more >


From our own OhMyWord™ Inspirational & Motivational Word Art products to various client products, we offer a growing selection of quality products from business owners committed to Christ and to Christian business principles.   < Click Here to learn more >

PLUS-25™ Satisfaction GUARANTE-e™ Service

Shopping? Find out how you can buy with confidence from a growing numbers of online businesses.  Selling?  Find out how our service will boost your business by making customers feel more confident in buying from you.   < Click Here to learn more >


Reliable cost-effective shopping that also supports Christian causes!  We have affiliated with a select and growing groups of business partners to bring our customers a comprehensive selection of effective and reasonably priced products and services that can help make YOUR business or organization more successful.  Office supplies? Business Services? Legal services? Internet Access? Client gifts? Computers? Telecommunications services? Travel services? Postage & Shipping services? And much more!  We'll even tell you how to get lots of worthwhile products and services for FREE!  And, for most of our affiliated partners, when you start your online buying here at UNIphant, a donation will be made to the Dad's Place Ministries Charitable Fund to "help those who seek our Father's house through Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior."    < Click Here to learn more >

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Company Profile

UNIphant Enterprises LLC (UNIphant) is a limited-liability company in the State of Maryland, owned and operated by Christians. Each of the owners and other key personnel have accepted Jesus Christ, as the One and Only Son of God the Father, to be their personal Savior and Lord. It is their desire to live their lives for His glory and honor. Each of them has been born again according to the third chapter of the Gospel of John. Each of them pledges to hold the highest Biblical code of ethics in their business transactions as in their lives.

As the Director of Dad's Place Ministries Incorporated, the owner, Mark Burger, understands the special needs of non-profit organizations, small businesses, and new businesses.

It is the Company’s ambition to treat every customer, supplier, and employee with the utmost respect and integrity.

UNIphant refuses any and all business transactions that involve pornographic, obscene, or otherwise significantly offensive material or products. This includes but is not limited to anything that is obviously inconsistent with Biblical principles, values, & teachings.

In accordance with the Company’s Biblical code of ethics, a minimum of ten percent of all profits from this business is hereby pledged to the work of God through Christian charitable organizations.

UNIphant strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Where feasible, services come with a specific, results-oriented, money-back guarantee. All come with a satisfaction guarantee.

UNIphant is a member of the Internet Evangelism Coalition, the Christian Webmasters Association, and the International Christian Technologists' Association.

Contact Information

(301) 898 - 9172
(206) 338 - 6391
Postal address
8613 Ramsburg Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788
Electronic mail
General Information: CustomerService@uniphant.com
Webmaster: webmaster@uniphant.com

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UNIphant Enterprises LLC

(Special services available for Christian non-profit organizations)



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